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Anna Goodman (she/her) graduated with a bachelor's degree in media and communications from Ohio University in 2011, and has since worked in a variety of fields ranging from event production and development, marketing and graphic design, to sales and customer care. With a passion for activism and the LGBTQ+ community, Anna has worked with various organizations, restaurants and bars, and corporations on creating safe spaces, events and experiences geared towards the lesbian and queer community. From 2015 - 2022, she worked as JQ International's Director of Events and Communications providing inclusive spaces for LGBTQ+ Jews, their friends, families, and allies.  In 2023, she founded her events company, AG Events & Entertainment,  offering full service private event planning, consulting services, and restaurant/ bar promotional parties primarily geared towards the lesbian/ queer community in Los Angeles. You can also find her performing on stage as her alter ego /Drag King identity, Dandy Frank. 

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My Story

My journey started when I came out as a lesbian in my junior year of High School, because that moment had a major effect on where and how I wanted to live my life. After getting my Bachelors degree from Ohio University, I moved straight to Los Angeles seeking a career in media and production.  I worked in production offices, advertising firms, doing personal assistant work, PAing on film sets, and more, trying to find a career path that made the most sense.  Outside of work, I spent most of my time exploring the lesbian/ queer scene, seeking friends and community.  I would often go to "lesbian" parties, but always found that they lacked any real way to connect and interact with others. It all felt very cliquey, and ultimately made me feel more alone than ever before.

Luckily, that all changed when I found a great group of friends, my first real queer family, and we called ourselves the "Pusse Possy".  Through this group I started going to more events, immersed myself in queer culture,  and let go of deep insecurities I carried throughout childhood to college. I became more confident, changed up my look (several times), and stopped being afraid of what others thought of me. This friend group changed the way I saw myself, and also helped me realize that I wasn't alone. There were other young queers out there migrating to the west coast, looking for a place to call home, and seeking queer community. 

Flash forward to 2015 when a friend needed assistance on a fundraising event she was hired to produce. The event was to benefit JQ International, an LGBTQ+ Jewish community programs and services organization. Being raised Jewish myself, I felt truly connected to the cause, ended up working my tuchus off, and eventually was hired by JQ to be their new Program Director, producing all events for the organization and running it's Teen JQSA (Jewish Queer Student Alliance) group.  Throughout my time at JQ, my contacts started to grow. I was meeting folks from all over, building a network of LGBTQ+ artists, musicians,  entrepreneurs, community leaders, and more. I eventually was offered a side gig to produce and create events for the HER app, a lesbian/queer dating app based in San Francisco. With HER, I created large scale events once a quarter, often bringing in 500+ lesbian queers in attendance. These day time parties offered guests icebreakers and interactive activities, giving them the chance to truly connect and meet one another. Something I knew was needed in this city. 

In 2019, Open Dyke Night was born. The little musical theater nerd in me had stumbled across Tramp Stamp Granny's one night and thought "this would be an awesome atmosphere for our lesbian queer community!", providing a fun night for lesbians and queers to come out for live piano karaoke, singing the songs that we love from oldies to pop, to Disney and broadway hits. The event has been a smashing success running monthly ever since.

Open Dyke Night was that catalyst event that showed me I can produce and create events and gatherings on my own with out a large company or organization behind me.  In August of 2021,  I started Hidden Hearts . This event allows guests to mix and mingle using certain heart stickers to signify whether their heart is "open", "taken", "broken" or "just looking for friends".  With the warm atmosphere and different monthly DJs, it's a popular night to go out, make new friends, enjoy some mezcal on the patio, or boogie on the dance floor with your crush.


With the success of Open Dyke Night and Hidden Hearts , in January 2023, I decided it was time to take my passion and turn it into a career, thus Damn Good Dyke Nights was born. Under the legal name "AG Events & Entertainment", I now work full time creating lesbian/ queer events for the community, currently with 5 monthly events happening across Los Angeles since May of 2023. I also make my services available to the public and offer private event planning and consulting.


My goal is to continue putting on unique events for people to connect and build community. In a city like Los Angeles, it can be a challenge to meet others and feel seen. I hope that with the events that I'm creating, folks can feel more confident being their authentic selves, making friends, and having fun in safe, queer environment. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. From private parties to community building events,  please reach out if you're interested in working with me! 


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